ॐ नमः शिवाय गुरुविश्वेश्वराय नमः
om namaḥ śivāya guruviśveśvarāya namaḥ

The course for the Academic Year-2B of the Parāśara Jyotiṣa Course program shall commence from Vijaya Daśamī [Monday, 14 October, 2013] and shall be taught both online and through a contact course in the Himalayas. Admissions for the course shall be open till Makara Saṅkrānti, 2014 [Tuesday, 14 January, 2014]. This pattern has been followed in previous years as well. We intend to complete the course by 6 April 2014 and it will be available online for 2 years for students to learn the lessons well.

Course Fees

The fees for Academic Year PJC Year-2B is US $900 (€ 670, £ 590). Course fees are payable at the time of joining the course.

Course fees can also be paid in six monthly instalments of US $150 each commencing with the date of joining. Please note that installments are applicable only when the course is joined on or before Monday, 14 October, 2014. Else the full payment will have to be made prior to start of the course.

Concessional Fees:


The online course shall be available at


Chapters of Bṛhat Parāśara Horā Śāstra


Evaluation of Strengths: Includes the detailed study of each of the following strengths, effects of strengths of planets and the bhāva; use in predictions

1) Sthāna bala
2) Sapta-varga-ja bala
3) Oja-yugma-rāśi-aṁśa bala
4) Kendra-ādi bala
5) Drekkāṇa bala
6) Digbala
7) Kāla bala
8) Pakṣa bala
9) Tri-bhāga bala
10) Varśa-māsa-dina-horā bala
11) Naisargika bala
12) Ayana bala
13) Drigbala
14) Yuddha bala
15) Bhāva bala
16) Ṣaḍbala

Iṣṭa & Kaṣṭa bala

Rashmi – Rays of planets, their evaluation; chesṭā rashmi; benevolent malevolent rays; benefic and malefic tendencies; effects due to digbala, saptavargaja bala etc.; Iṣṭa (blessings) and Kaṣṭa (suffering); bhāva effects

Additional Topics: Varṇadā, Varṇadā Daśā, Tilādi Lakṣana (Marks and moles) etc.


Bhāva padas:
Ārūḍha definition and calculation; the exceptions and their understanding; All bhāva pada, graha pada, pada and wealth – including gains and losses, sources of gains, the 7th from pada – the door, various matters concerning pada including varga.
Upapada calculation; 2nd from UL; children from UL; siblings of self and spouse from AL and UL respectively; Various matters concerning Pada Lagna i.e. Ārūḍha Lagna (AL), Rājya Pada etc.

Argalā or planetary intervention
Determination of argalā – the three types; virodha argalā – obstruction to argalā; special (parākrama) argalā; effects of argalā.

Contact Course

The contact course is to be held as per the syllabus for the academic year as per this schedule

1 13-Mar-2014 Thu PJC Y2B Prarambha | Sthāna bala Sapta-varga-ja bala | Oja-yugma-rāśi-aṁśa bala
2 14-Mar-2014 Fri PJC Y2B Kendra-ādi bala | Drekkāṇa bala Digbala
3 15-Mar-2014 Sat PJC Y2B Kāla bala |Pakṣa bala | Tri-bhāga bala Varśa-māsa-dina-horā bala
4 16-Mar-2014 Sun PJC Y2B Naisargika bala | Ayana bala Drigbala | Yuddha bala
5 17-Mar-2014 Mon PJC Y2B Bhāva bala Ṣaḍbala
6 18-Mar-2014 Tue PJC Y2B Ṣaḍbala Application
7 19-Mar-2014 Wed PJC Y2B
8 20-Mar-2014 Thu PJC Y2B Rashmi Iṣṭa-Kaṣṭa
9 21-Mar-2014 Fri PJC Y2B Ārūḍha Concepts Ārūḍha Lagna AL
10 22-Mar-2014 Sat PJC Y2B Upapada UL
11 23-Mar-2014 Sun PJC Y2B Dara Pada A7 Mantra Pada A5
12 24-Mar-2014 Mon PJC Y2B Bhāgya Pada A9 Rājya Pada A10
13 25-Mar-2014 Tue PJC Y2B Dhana Pada A2 Bhrātṛ Pada A3
14 26-Mar-2014 Wed PJC Y2B
15 27-Mar-2014 Thu PJC Y2B Mātṛ Pada A4 Pitr Pada A9
16 28-Mar-2014 Fri PJC Y2B Śatru Pada A6 Mṛtyu Pada A8
17 29-Mar-2014 Sat PJC Y2B Lābha Pada A11 Pada Gochara
18 30-Mar-2014 Sun PJC Y2B Argalā Virodha Argalā
19 31-Mar-2014 Mon PJC Y2B Varṇadā & Daśā Tilādi Lakṣana
20 01-Apr-2014 Tue PJC Y2B Niṣeka Graha Yuddha
  • Attendance for the entire Himalaya Course is EXPECTED. However, if you cannot attend, the slides will be available as videos of the course. Yet you could miss out some small technicalities of these teachings.
  • Bhimtal, at the foothills of the Himalayas was not affected by the floods and has been chosen for the course due to the ancient Śiva temple where the strong Bhīma pāṇḍava worshipped – Lord Bhīma-śaṅkara